Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Treatment in Bath
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Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot is a professional damp proofing contractor committed to preserving structural wood in domestic, commercial and industrial properties in Bath and surrounding areas. As a family-run business, a core part of the work we do centres around woodworm treatment and timber pest control. We’re fully aware of the problems that woodworm can cause for our clients in South West England, and therefore, we provide an effective solution to this problem.

Whether it’s our woodworm removal or other services, including tanking and dry rot treatment, you can call us on 07702 868459 to ask any questions.

Professional Infested Wood Treatment
What is Woodworm?

Woodworm is a wood-eating larvae. Woodworm can also refer to an infestation of a piece of wood by these larvae. Thankfully for our clients in Bath, a woodworm infestation can be easily identified. It typically presents itself as holes that you can see in furniture, floorboards or wood beams. If you notice that you have a woodworm problem, you may also be experiencing excess moisture, as woodworm typically thrives in damp conditions. As an expert damp proofing contractor, we suggest that this could be from a lack of ventilation in a particular room or area of the property. If you spot woodworm in your home, give us a call on 07702 868459 so we can provide you with effective woodworm treatment.

Timber Pest Control in South West England
Our Woodworm Removal Process

Our Infested Wood Treatment involves using various hand tools, ladders, drills and torches to access and attend to the affected areas of your property. To eliminate the woodworm, we use water-based chemical insecticide (usually Barrettine or Cuprinol) or a non-lethal white vinegar and water mix which deters the woodworm. Gloves and face masks are worn when we use any chemicals in the best interests of health and safety. For best results, we try to dry out the wood before treating it.
When we arrive at your property, we will first perform a site survey in which we will identify and assess the damage. We will then provide you with a quote, and once this has been accepted, we’ll arrange a date and time for the works. Please note that any wood that has been painted or has a varnish on it should be sanded or stripped back so we can provide the best treatment.
Normally, we coat or spray the affected timbers and adjacent timbers with the Barrettine or Cuprinol woodworm killer or non-lethal white vinegar mix to stop the spreading. If requested, we can also repaint or varnish the affected wood before we clear up and take payment for our work.
We cater our woodworm treatment for various domestic, commercial and industrial properties across Bath. These include:
Given our experience as a damp proofing contractor and woodworm removal specialist, you can be certain that we’ll do a thorough and professional job. 
If you need a specialist damp proofing contractor for dry rot and woodworm treatment in Bath and nearby locations, call Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot on 07702 868459.
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