Tanking Installations in Bath, Somerset
and Gloucestershire

As a professional damp proofing contractor, Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot does what we can to combat the effects of damp for our clients in Bath and across the surrounding areas. We carry out reliable tanking installations to protect the walls and basements of a property from water ingress. Since starting the business in 1970, we’ve garnered an unrivalled depth of knowledge in waterproofing installations and timber treatment to preserve the condition of building structures. 

If you have any questions about what we do or would like to arrange for us to do a site survey of your property, please call 07702 868459.

Explaining Damp Proof Tanking

Tanking is the term used to describe waterproofing a building or structure. As a damp proofing contractor, we install damp proof tanking in walls and basements to reduce the effects that water ingress and damp can have on a building. Two major threats from water ingress are wet and dry rot. Wet rot thrives in high moisture timber, whereas dry rot requires less moisture before it can attack and spread. Wet rot requires 50% or higher moisture content, but dry rot only requires 20%.

The three materials we use for waterproofing installations in basements include cementitious, bituminous coating or membrane, and liquid or polyurethane liquid membrane. Some of these materials are used for their flexibility, whereas others are preferred for their semi-rigid qualities. It depends on what your damp proofing specialist feels is best for the structural waterproofing of the building.

Structural Waterproofing Work in the Bath Area
How We Do Our Waterproofing Installations

As an experienced damp proofing contractor, we start all our tanking installations by performing a site survey. This gives us the information we need to figure out what’s needed to complete the job and how much it will cost the customer to hire us. We provide a quote and arrange a date for the work to start.
When we begin work, we ensure the affected walls and floor are clear. We prepare the walls and restore them to their original mortar, hacking off all excess materials. We ensure that the walls are completely free of dust and debris and repair any cracks and holes, applying a salt inhibitor as the brickwork needs to be in a good enough condition to deal with the build-up of water pressure. We then cut the tanking membrane to size and apply it to the walls, fixing it with screws. After that, we apply a quick seal plug to cover up the drill holes, install the drainage channel at the base, and add a drainage membrane on the floor. Strip tape is then used to seal the wall to the floor.
As a local company, Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot is a reliable damp proofing contractor and timber treatment. With over 100 years of combined experience in our team, we bring our clients a wealth of knowledge to our tanking installations and other services. We’ve maintained several contracts for over 20 years, regularly helping clients in the Bath area with any damp and water ingress issues they may have.
For tanking installations courtesy of a specialist damp proofing contractor in Bath and across Somerset and Gloucestershire, call Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot on 07702 868459.
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