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Dry Rot in Bath
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At Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot, we’re specialists in dry rot treatment and other related services. We help customers in Bath and surrounding areas of Somerset and Gloucestershire with the maintenance of their properties through our damp proofing and timber treatments

If you need a damp proofing contractor or an expert in dry rot fungus removal, please get in touch. You can also view our gallery to see what’s involved in our work.

Dry Rot Treatment in South West England
What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot occurs when there is decay within the wood caused by several species of fungi. The fungi attach to the wood and ingest the part of it that gives the wood its strength.  Any timber that has been damaged by dry rot will show signs of being fragile, brittle and dried out. Dry rot tends to look puffy, with white mould growing out of timber or other wooden surfaces. The rot can sometimes appear to “bloom” or produce strands that hang from the rotting wood or yellow-coloured lumps of fungal growth like cobwebs. In serious cases of dry rot, you may notice that the wood crumbles away.

Compared to dry rot, wet rot thrives in timber with a high moisture content of around 50% or higher. On the other hand, dry rot only requires 20% moisture presence before it can attack, allowing it to easily spread throughout most parts of a building.

There are four stages to a dry rot life cycle. In the final stage, new spores are spread into the surrounding air, allowing the dry rot to spread quickly and causing widespread timber damage. Considering how aggressive it can be, it’s always best for Bath residents to get professional help from a damp proofing contractor or wood decay treatment specialist to remove and prevent dry rot.

Professional Wood Decay Treatment
What’s Involved in Our Dry Rot Fungus Removal

At Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot, our wood decay treatment is an intense process. We completely remove the affected wood and stop the moisture source by applying a preservative that prevents future infections.
We start by surveying to assess the dry rot damage and give you a free quote for our services. Once accepted, we will do all necessary prep work in the affected area before removing the damaged wood and applying targeted dry rot treatment. Our specialists will identify and remove any infected wood or wall plaster to allow direct access to the treatment area. We can replace the damaged timber where necessary.
Boric acid (borate) is a highly effective fungicide used for wood rot treatment. You can prevent future rot by applying it to wood during construction, or it can be used as a treatment to stop the growth of active fungus.  As a damp proofing contractor and wood decay treatment professional, we use boric acid and bleach as part of our dry rot fungus removal. We also use the following pieces of equipment to complete our work in the Bath area:
When we’ve finished, we’ll clean the affected area and remove any debris so you can return to using the space as normal.
If you need dry rot treatment in Bath and other places in South West England, call Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot on 07702 868459.
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