Damp Proofing Services

Experienced Damp Proofing Contractor in Bath and the Surrounding Areas
Damp Proofing Services

Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot is a damp proofing contractor operating in Bath and other nearby locations in Somerset and Gloucestershire. Besides our professional damp proofing, our moisture control experts apply their skills to tanking installations and treating infested wood, especially woodworm. As a business, we’re committed to actively and proactively combatting the effects of damp on your property.

If you want to learn more about our work, you’re always welcome to call us on 07702 868459. You can also visit our testimonials page to read reviews from our past clients.

What Do We Do as a Professional Damp Proofing Contractor?

The role of a damp proof specialist is to prevent damp entering into buildings. This could be through the ground or through walls and cracks in the building. As a professional damp proofing contractor, we install products, such as damp proof membranes, to protect bricks and timber from the effects of damp. Our damp treatment specialists also repair structural damage and have a deep understanding of drainage and ventilation systems.

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Our Damp Proofing Process

When doing damp proofing work, we start by completing a site survey and offering the client a quote for our services. If accepted, we book a date and time to do the job. When we start the work, we hack off any old plaster where necessary and use a PIV system or dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the walls and dry them out. We cut damp proofing membranes to fit the size needed for your Bath property, place them on walls and neatly fold them around the corners. Once we’ve placed a damp proofing membrane on a wall, we then drill it to fix it to the wall and ensure a tight fit. Next, we apply wall finish to the damp proofing membrane before finally plastering where needed and cleaning up all waste and mess. We allow the wall to dry so the customer can paint to their liking and take payment for our work.

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Equipment, Materials and Products We Use

We use various equipment and products to complete our work as a damp proofing contractor in Bath. One of the main devices we use is a PIV unit. A PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) is an energy-efficient method of ventilating a home. It pushes out stale, unhealthy air and replaces it with dry and fresh air that is gently introduced into the home, increasing the circulation around the property and improving the indoor air quality. In addition to this, we use:
Materials widely used for damp proofing include:
Common products we use for our damp proofing jobs are:
Our damp proofing specialists will be able to explain what’s involved in your damp proofing job so you can understand it better.
If you need a specialist damp proofing contractor in Bath and nearby areas, call Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot on 07702 868459.
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