Timber Preservation from a Professional Damp Proofing Contractor in Bath
The Health Effects of Damp

Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot has worked as a reliable damp proofing contractor and timber treatment specialist in the Bath area since 1970. Our years of experience make us the go-to company in our field, offering a knowledgeable and honest service for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. 

We offer the following core services:

  • Professional Damp Proofing

  • Dry Rot Treatment

  • Woodworm Treatment and Woodworm Removal

  • Timber Preservation and Timber Treatment

  • Tanking Installations (Waterproofing Installations)

Whether you require damp proofing, dry rot treatment, waterproofing installations or woodworm removal, call us on 07702 868459. A team member will gladly arrange for us to come to your property and perform a site survey at your earliest convenience.

While a lot of our work focuses on protecting the structural elements of a property, it’s also important to inform our customers about the effect that damp and water ingress can have on our health. We want to highlight this now to underline the importance of tackling damp when it occurs in your home or place of work.

Causes of Damp

As a damp proofing contractor with many years of work providing timber preservation work, tanking installations and dry rot and woodworm treatment across Bath, we know a fair bit about damp. What’s important to know that damp and mould in your property result from excess moisture. This could be caused by rain water seeping through a damaged window frame, a faulty roof, rising damp in a cellar or basement, or leaking pipes. Other causes of damp may involve condensation from activities within the building. For instance, in a home, these activities may be cooking, laundry or showering. New build homes may also experience damp in plaster that’s still drying out.

The Threat of Damp to Your Health

Damp can affect people's health in different ways. It’s relatively well known that those who suffer from respiratory issues like asthma and allergies are typically more sensitive to damp and mould. Those who have skin conditions like eczema are at risk of health complications if they come into contact with damp and mould. Additionally, people with weakened immune systems, such as chemotherapy patients, are more vulnerable. More generally, elderly relatives and young children are also at risk.
Mould and damp produce irritants and allergens; in some cases, they can even create toxic substances. When touched or inhaled, these irritants and allergens cause an allergic reaction, usually in the form of excessive sneezing, skin rash, red or watery eyes and a runny nose. Mould and damp can enhance respiratory issues. For example, it can provoke people with asthma to have an asthma attack from breathing in the irritants and allergens they produce. 
To improve your air quality and preserve your health, it’s vital that damp is correctly dealt with. Hiring a damp proofing contractor like Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot can help you resolve any damp issues you may have. With our tanking installations and timber preservation, we can proactively prevent damp from entering your Bath property as well as providing efficient dry rot and woodworm treatment.
If you need a specialist for timber preservation treatments or a damp proofing contractor in Bath, call Bath Woodworm & Dry Rot on 07702 868459.
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